Prowinch 330 lb Mini Electric Chain Hoist

G.W. Becker, Inc. offers standard “Bundled” gear for single and twofold support applications up through HMI H4 obligation and CMAA Class “D” Service. These pre-designed indexed lifts are intended to cost successfully handle most modern lifting details. As a merchant of various makers of cranes, we can give you any make or model that accommodates your lifting and value prerequisites.

Regularly lighter limit and more slow velocities
Regularly light assistance use
Assortment of arrangements (Top Mounted, Monorail or Deck Mounted)
AC Voltage
Wire Rope or Chain lifting medium
Single or Double Reeved
Accessible for a few unique applications
Numerous standard choices
Lifting limits reach to 35 tons
Lifts to 140′
Accessible for blast verification applications

Wire Rope Hoists

G.W. Becker, Inc. is a wholesaler of electric wire rope lifts with a limit scope of 1/2 to 35 tons. As a wholesaler of various producers of wire rope lifts, we can furnish you with any make or model that accommodates your lifting and value prerequisites.

Chain Hoists

G.W. Becker, Inc. is a merchant of electric or air chain lifts with a limit scope of 1/8 to 5 tons. As a wholesaler of various producers of chain lifts, we can give you any make or model that accommodates your lifting and value prerequisites.

Expert Crane offers a total line of Chain and Wire Rope mini electric hoist 100kg Hoists that can fit practically Any Application and Budget.

While it is hard to have our whole line of cranes on the web, underneath are the derricks that we offer that fit 90% of the applications for General Industry.

If it’s not too much trouble, call or email us with your application necessities so we can give a lift that accommodates your application.

the most flexible lifting devices accessible, electric chain lifts are utilized in assembling, upkeep, and in circulation to move materials. we offer all significant brands with an assortment of models and choices to browse. we are sure you will observe what you are searching for on our site. have different kinds of feedback? call us today at 1-866-540-1709 one of our experts will readily help with picking the right lift and choices for you. call or snap today!

Highlights a minimized and lightweight plan ideal for irregular lifting of burdens.
Remote appraised IP65 completely practical up to 100 ft.
Lifting limit of 330lb 10ft/min.
Incorporates a speedy acting electromagnetic brake crisis stop wellbeing key and furthest breaking point switch.
1 Year Warranty Customer Support and Service in the USA

The Prowinch 330 lb Mini Electric Chain Hoist remote permits you to effectively lift light to medium burdens. The single-stage electrical association takes into consideration speedy and straightforward arrangement and is ideal for use in a wide assortment of circumstances. The remote offers added comfort, permitting you to work the crane and streetcar from up to 100 feet away.

All of our electric chain lifts are made fully intent on offering the best exhibition. Key parts, for example, life expectancy factors are continually tried and worked on to offer the best item.

All inner parts have been moved up to satisfy the best guidelines. All testing is acted in the US prior to transportation to guarantee that each unit fulfills the relating guideline.

Obligation order is a key element while picking the right unit. This H1 electric chain raise is appropriate for rare dealing with, introducing and overhauling weighty gear, and standing by for significant stretches between use. For consistently conveyed work periods, the derrick has a 12.5% max. functional time each hour and can deal with up to 75 beginnings each hour. When being utilized for rare work periods, the lift can be worked for a short ways from a virus start with up to 100 beginnings each hour. Functional time evaluations are determined at a 65% burden factor, according to ASME Standards.

This electric chain lift comes standard with a modern remote controller, which is waterproof, shockproof, and can be worked from 100 feet away. It additionally includes a security key and crisis stop button.

The electromagnetic slowing mechanism is tried at 125% of the crane limit and is intended to consequently connect promptly upon any deficiency of force.

Electric Cable Hoist with remote controller framework
Electric Chain Hoist and Wireless Features
4 High Amperage Relay System
Programmable Transmitter and Receiver
Simple substitution of Wireless Components
Up to 300 ft Wireless Transmission
Power Saving Mode for added Reliability
Proficient Wireless Remote Control System
Improve on chain lift tasks with a Wireless Remote Control System.

The radio remote comprises of a recipient, recieving wire and transmitter, and can be utilized to work any from essentially any distance. The battery-controlled transmitters offer two control positions (on/off, up/down) and are furnished with a wellbeing key/switch for simple activity.

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