The impact of mobile Internet marketing on international trade and countermeasures


Microblogging, WeChat and other mobile Internet marketing is a product of technological progress in recent years with the rapid development of e-commerce and global popularity, but also a new marketing approach brought about by the change in consumer consumption concepts and changes in business competition model, which has a positive and significant impact on China’s international trade.

Development Status

The use of mobile Internet in traditional foreign trade manufacturing industry, through the “mobile Internet +” manufacturing, “mobile Internet +” finance, “mobile Internet +” logistics and other ways of Integration, improve the communication efficiency of each link, eliminate the distance between industries, and change the traditional foreign trade procurement method.

In particular, the vigorous development of the new cross-border e-commerce, cell phones, tablet hardware and APP and other mobile use is changing the original commodity import and export trade model, so that foreign trade goods are entering the hands of foreign final consumers in the form of fragmented retail orders. This model is bound to gradually change the original B2B purchase method to a trade facilitated B2B+B2C type cross-border e-commerce trade.

From 2008 to 2014, the growth rate of cross-border e-commerce maintained strong momentum, and in 2014, China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions reached RMB 3.75 trillion, up 38.9% YoY, and the penetration rate of cross-border e-commerce reached 14.2%. 2015 cross-border e-commerce showed vigorous development.

With the implementation of the national strategy of “Internet+” and the policy support for cross-border e-commerce related fields, China’s cross-border e-commerce will realize the transformation from scale to quality, and will further enhance the international competitiveness and promote the deepening reform and deep integration of traditional foreign trade manufacturing industry in the future.

The impact of mobile Internet marketing on international trade

1.Reduce costs and promote competition, thus improving economic efficiency and bringing the economy close to a state of complete competition.

In the current era of e-commerce, microblogging, WeChat and other mobile Internet marketing on international trade publicity costs, transaction costs, procurement costs play a very important role in reducing. Trade document delivery is reduced, trade intermediaries are reduced, and trade inventory turnover costs are reduced.

For example, after the United States General Electric use of networked international trade, the company’s average delivery time from the original 30 days down to 6 days. IBM has saved $50 million in operating costs by carrying out international e-commerce.

2.Opportunities for enterprises to build influential network brands.

Mobile network marketing such as Weibo and WeChat has been considered by a considerable number of companies as a shortcut to branding. According to statistics, the number of global Internet users has now reached 3.2 billion people, and mobile will exceed 4 billion.

Many companies already have a certain degree of brand trust and popularity within the traditional relevant market or among some regions. With the popularity and rapid development of mobile Internet, companies can make use of these network marketing means and methods to choose brand elements that match their brands, increase and innovate their publicity efforts, and shape a good network brand. that the communication between the two sides of the trade is not limited by time and geography, greatly improving the satisfaction of both sides.

Microblog, WeChat and other mobile networks are based on smart communication tools such as cell phones and tablets, and their two characteristics of “small and light” and “convenient communication” determine the fundamental difference between the mobile Internet and the PC Internet, except for sleep time, mobile devices are generally used at a much higher rate than PCs. In addition to sleep time, mobile devices are generally much higher than the use of PC time accompanied by its owner, communication and information access is far more convenient than the PC device.

Problems of mobile Internet marketing in China’s international trade applications

1.The popularity of international trade practices in China is not high

Many domestic foreign trade enterprises still lack an objective and accurate understanding of mobile Internet marketing, and do not recognize its huge changes to the world and to people’s habits. If the enterprise in the process of foreign trade reform and innovation is not high enthusiasm, still clinging to the traditional marketing methods, it will lead to international trade costs become high, the effect becomes worse, at any time also have the possibility of being eliminated.

2.Slow development of electronic payment transaction mode

Due to the traditional transaction concept of bondage, foreign-type enterprises have a certain distrust of online electronic payment methods, most online electronic transactions are mostly small amounts of transaction activities, while large amounts of transactions are relatively rare.

3.Payment means and other mobile Internet systems lack security

In the process of foreign trade transactions, rich and appropriate electronic payment means, is to ensure that foreign trade business can be successfully completed the basic conditions, now, many foreign trade enterprises will be worried about the theft of bank credit cards, etc.. China’s e-commerce mobile payment still exists in many security problems, the urgent need for relevant technical and legal, institutional means to protect.

4.The lack of integrity caused by human and technical reasons in the transaction process

In mobile e-commerce activities, trade parties trade goods or services through mobile networks, which may make some short-sighted unscrupulous enterprises ignore moral integrity and provide low-cost inferior goods or services, such as manufacturing counterfeit products, substandard goods and other cases, which makes China’s foreign trade products in terms of reputation suffered a great loss.

On the other hand, in e-commerce activities are bound to disclose information on both sides of the transaction, personal privacy is very easy to be used by some unscrupulous elements, bringing a lot of trouble to both sides of the transaction.

The marketing countermeasures of mobile Internet in the field of international trade

In order to promote the positive and healthy development of mobile Internet marketing in the field of foreign trade in China, and to provide more convenient ways and means for the smooth development of China’s international trade, we can take the following countermeasures.

1.The government should strengthen the construction of mobile network infrastructure and the corresponding technical support for e-commerce

In order to develop rapidly in mobile Internet trade, China must strengthen the investment in network infrastructure, constantly improve and perfect the infrastructure of e-commerce mobile network, carry out the management of network resources, establish a relatively perfect and safe foreign trade e-commerce transaction system, and constantly strengthen the network platform payment methods and the establishment of credit degree.

2.The government and enterprises should work together to improve the popularity of mobile Internet marketing in China’s international trade practices

First of all, government departments should vigorously promote the concept of mobile Internet commerce to the whole society, especially foreign trade enterprises, through a variety of forms so that foreign trade enterprises have an in-depth and sober understanding of mobile Internet trade.

Secondly, enterprises should also actively learn the relevant knowledge of mobile Internet marketing, fully grasp the specific operation methods and business philosophy, and improve the profound knowledge and understanding of all employees of enterprises on the emerging model of mobile Internet marketing.

To change the management of foreign trade enterprises, some financial systems and management systems in foreign trade enterprises should be faster to achieve electronic, so that the development of foreign trade electronics can be faster to adapt to market changes.

To maintain close contact with the outside world, using the rapid development of mobile information technology to join more commercial and management of the concept, and constantly expand the scope of the market, create and enhance their own brand.

Again, we should focus on the training of mobile Internet marketing talent. Enterprises should have a strategic vision in the training of talents, and can establish cooperative relationships with many universities to discuss and study issues related to mobile Internet commerce, so as to promote the long-term development of foreign trade.   

3.Standardize the integrity mechanism in transactions

Draw on some practices of traditional e-commerce to help solve the current integrity problems in China’s mobile e-commerce transactions. It can be done in the process of mobile e-commerce transactions by way of strengthening the identity authentication management of subject qualifications.

For example, the authenticity and accuracy of the identity of both parties to the transaction can be ensured through third-party authentication or the technical means of digital signature; at the same time, the practice of trading in real names can also be adopted, which is also practical in mobile e-commerce.

4.Enterprises should innovate the ways and means of mobile Internet network marketing

From the previous network marketing and then to today’s red microblogging, WeChat and other mobile network marketing, the way more and more endless, more and more colorful, innovative ways and means of mobile Internet network marketing is crucial.

From the traditional marketing concept, usually where the crowd is concentrated, marketing should be where, or where people love to go, we should go to where to promote the Internet is also the case.
Mobile Internet has three major entrances.
(1) Two-dimensional code entrance (O2O – an important entrance from offline to online)
(2) Application market entrance.
(3) Mobile search engine entrance. Control these three entrances, and break them one by one.

5.Monitoring and management of the effect of mobile Internet network marketing

Many enterprises lack scientific and effective monitoring and management of the effect of microblogging, WeChat and other network marketing, the correct approach is to monitor the effect of microblogging and other network marketing in real time, stage examination and management, timely detection of problems, and constantly summarize experience, so as to better play its role in bringing the greatest benefits to enterprises.

6.The government should develop and improve sound laws and policies to ensure that mobile Internet network marketing can be a healthy and long-lasting development in China

Mobile Internet network marketing is a new business field, with a very broad development prospects, but also generated a lot of new issues, such as tax arrangements for network trade, transaction security, the validity of electronic contracts, the protection of relevant intellectual property rights and how to deal with disputes and so on.

The government should actively research, prepare for a rainy day, and continuously improve the relevant laws and regulations to provide effective legal and institutional safeguards for the application of mobile Internet in foreign trade.

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