Track Roller Bearings

Developed from balls, rollers or an efficient area pin plan
Materials, for example, carbon steel, high composite steel, pure, aluminum, designed polymers
Inch or metric aspects
Strung, non-strung or capricious shafts
Screwdriver opening, hexagonal attachment or hexagonal shaft mountings
Barrel shaped or delegated external ring profile
Oil to oblige changing temperature limits
Fixed or un-fixed plans and numerous coatings, platings and post medicines accessible for various assembling conditions

We supply different kinds of track rollers that are fundamentally utilized in transport frameworks.

Track rollers are prepared to-introduce, self-supporting help rollers that have a strong strung pin rather than the inward ring. Contingent upon the plan, the components comprise of directed or full supplement needle-or roller orientation.

Track rollers can assimilate enormous powers in the outspread course, just as pivotal powers that might happen with a point mistake

As opposed to ball and roller orientation, where the bearing size alludes to the drag width d, for track rollers the size alludes to their outside breadth D.

All track rollers are loaded up with lithium cleanser oil and can be utilized in the temperature scope of – 30 ° C – + 100 ° C.

Top track roller for earthmovers for both elastic and steel tracks.

Fits the accompanying Bobcat backhoes:

Backhoes: E26, E32, E35, E42

Parts can shift contingent upon your chronic number. Track Roller Manufacturers Really take a look at the Bobcat Online Parts Catalog to guarantee the right part for your gear.

PBC Linear’s solidified crown rollers are a great decision for minimal expense direct movement. The rollers come pre-gathered and are self-adjusting for basic establishment. Solidified crown rollers are incredible for highlight point applications, and guarantee solid, strong and dependable direct movement. Solidified Crown Rollers are one of the most affordable bearing frameworks presented by PBC Linear. NOTE: Rails, Wheels, End Stops, and Angle Brackets should be requested as individual things beneath.

Most extreme wheel bearing burden up to 1334 N (300 lbs)
Greatest exchange accelerate to 762 mm/s (30 in/s)
Rails accessible up to 3 m (10 ft) in steel or powder covered completion
Fundamental roller holding on for metric or inch strung stud
Accessible point mounting sections and rail end stops
Ideal for machine device entryways and monitoring
Ideal for highlight point material exchange
Ideal for entryways and windows – carport entryways
Ideal for some other broadly useful applications

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Track Roller Seals (Floating
Seals) generally utilized in weighty hardware and development
hardware are noted for their solid seal perseverance attributes.
These strong seals are impervious to dampness, regular impurities like sand and fiber, and brutal climate including extremist
temperature variance, ozone, and broadened UV radiation.
In lab tests mimicking real field administration conditions
(e. g., sloppy water) at 1 m/s for north of 1000 hours, track roller
gatherings showed no spillage and basically no seat wear utilizing
standard 80W-90 stuff oil as the ointment. There was likewise no
recognizable twisting or crumbling of versatility in the drifting
seal O-rings.

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