Why is injured always erector spinae muscle?

The first thing to know is that erector spinae is not a muscle, but a group of muscles walking along both sides of the spine. Erector spinae muscles span the whole back.

It can be said that the reason why humans can distinguish animals from animals in upright walking is that they have strong erector spinae muscles, which can erect the whole spine, make the upper body upright, and support the weight of dozens of Jin.

Why is the injured always erector spinae muscle?

Daily standing, sitting, walking, running, bending and other movements need to use the erector spinae, most of the day is tormenting it.

When we are in the neutral power rack cage for sale position of the spine, the erector spinae, like the spine, is in a stable state of physiological curvature.

When we’re in a neutral position with the spine, it’s bad.

Therefore, erector spinae muscle is of great help to the stability of the spine, which can play an important role in preventing spinal accidental injury, maintaining spinal stability and preventing spinal degeneration.

However, our spine is not neutral most of the time, so basically when you are standing or sitting, the back posture is not correct, habitual hunchback, bending and head forward extension, the erector spinae muscle must continue to exert force, so it is easy to cause muscle strain.

Long-term bad shape can cause strain of erector spinae muscle, and weight-bearing training will greatly increase the pressure of erector spinae muscle.

for instance:

When we shift our center of gravity to one side, the erector spinae muscle on the other side contracts to keep the trunk as stable as possible.

When doing a plank, I have to stick to it for a long time. Not only can’t train the core muscle group but will cause strain to the erector spinae muscle.

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